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What type of punter are you? Are you gambling your money away. Become a smart horse racing punter!

The problem many punters experience is that they don't have the time to devote to the research.

After the day's race betting, these punters usually go home with empty pockets, blaming jockeys, trainers, or anything and everything for the reasons they might have lost. Relying completely on luck and intuition, and then neglecting the fact of who actually placed the punts is needlessly reckless.

That's gambling your money away!

Yes, horses can be unlucky in a race and many have lost for that reason, and many more will in the future.

But, to consistently lose at horse racing, ....

Well there are many reasons, such as lack of good, accurate information, not being able to put the necessary hours into the form research, a temporary lapse of self-discipline, betting on poor quality races, being impatient, not having a betting plan. These are just a few.

It comes down to a simple reality: punting successfully on racing requires considerable time and effort, ie., work.

At Pro Group Racing we do the work for you. We want you as a long term profitable client. At Pro Group Racing, utilising our many contacts in the horse racing industry, we collect and collate valuable, up-to-date information about all the good, and bad news and information going around.

Further to this, we spend hours continually studying race recordings of all the horses' recent runs, stay in touch with up-to-the-minute track work, whether horses are being trained off, or if they are being set up for certain races. This, together with our expert form analysis, enables us to give you the best possible selections each week.

We are not going to promise you the world: we are not going to promise you a 200% or 300% profit on turnover.

Most punters expect too much in return too quickly in racing. If you can show a profit at the end of each season you have done what most punters only wish for. You have to get serious with your betting if you expect to win long term.

You must look at the long term and not from Saturday to Saturday. Pro Group Racing, like other horse tipping services, will have their share of bad days, but we will also have our fair share of good days.

It is the long term. To look back over the racing year and say, "Yes, I had a winning year, a ??% profit on turnover!"

There is no magic bullet, no system, no horse racing tipping service, nor a software program around that will select winners over the long term and give you 3 or 4 or 5 times your profit on turnover. (There are plenty that say they do)

Yes, we are in the new millennium and in the so-called modern times, but selecting winners and making a profit from racing has not changed. Winners keep on winning, Losers keep on losing.

No Ratings or Top Four......At Pro Group Racing, we do not give you complicated ratings, we do not give you the so-called top four runners in a race and then claim to have selected the winner.

Over 80% of winners come from the top 4 selections in betting in all races. Unfortunately, you cannot pick them all and continually make a profit. We give you selections that are precise and direct. We advise to back for a win or each-way. With our statistics for past results we calculate on win only.