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If you are looking for an easy way to compare personal loan options, 100 Lenders might be the best option for you. The company offers you access to an extensive network of qualified personal lenders that can give you a strong range of loan terms and amounts. While 100 Lenders is not directly a loan provider, it does help you find the best option for your financial needs. Despite some areas for improvement, 100 Lenders is a solid choice when it comes to assessing and comparing some of the most suitable borrowing options.

Compare Best Personal Loans

The Benefits of Personal Loans

100Lenders Highlights

  • An extensive network of lenders
  • 2 minute quote application process
  • Get your funds in as little as 1 business day after approval


  • Easy application process
  • Simple lending qualifications
  • Your information is secure
  • No limits on loan purposes


  • Limited FAQ section
  • No information on loan terms

Loan Term Options

Due to the fact that 100 Lenders is not a loan provider, but rather a lending network, it does not set terms and conditions for any loan directly. Once you have been matched to a potential lender based on your borrowing characteristics, your repayment terms will be reflected by an agreement with that specific lender. The terms can vary widely by lender depending on your credit score and income. The two main types of loans issued by the network are cash advances and personal loans. In some cases, you may be connected with lenders that also provide auto financing services as well.

Loan Purpose and Amounts

If you are looking for some flexibility in the amount you want to borrow, 100 Lenders can provide you with several options. While they do not directly lend you funds, their comprehensive list of loan providers will give you enough options to match you to the best possible lender for your needs. Loans are typically available for amounts ranging between $1,500 and $35,000 for qualified borrowers. In our experience, 100 Lenders did not limit what you can use your funds for. There is no requirement to declare your reason for applying and once the money is in your account, you can do what you need with it depending on the lender. However, it is important to note that terms can vary widely between different lenders. While it would be nice to see a broader range of loan amounts, 100 Lenders still provides a strong offering.

Lending Qualification Process

It’s easy to get a loan with 100 Lenders. In order to apply, you simply need to provide some essential information including your credit score, income, desired loan amount, and zip code to start your application. 100 Lenders does not have a prequalification process, which can extend the application time, but they do recommend that you can prove the following:

  • Monthly income of $750.00 or more
  • Current home and work phone numbers
  • Be employed for at least one month
  • Own a valid bank account in your name.

Keep in mind that 100 Lenders does not use your credit score or qualify you for any loan. You will only be qualified or rejected once you enter into negotiations with a loan provider on 100 Lenders’ network.

Information and Support

We found that one of 100 Lenders’ biggest areas for improvement was their FAQ section. While the company does provide some basic details about the qualification and loan process, it would be nice to see more information regarding your options, what loans are, and how they are repaid. The information they do offer is well-written and very easy to understand.

What are Personal Loans?

Quote Application Process

Getting a quote from 100 Lenders is incredibly simple. The application takes less than 2 minutes, and will have you matched with a potential lender in no time. All you need is your credit score, zip code, and your current income. In certain cases, depending on your zip code, you will be prompted for a longer application. They will ask for more sensitive information like social security number, information related to your banking, and employment details like the name of your employer and next pay date.


While there are some minor setbacks with their services, 100 Lenders proves to be an easy and efficient way to get the funds you need as soon as you need them. Thanks to a simple application process and an effective matching system, you are able to compare a range of options. 100 Lenders’ strong network of qualified loan providers means you have great options available if you need funds quickly even if you have less than perfect credit.

Compare Best Personal Loans


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