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Loan Types Unsecured personal loans
Loan Amount Up to $10,000
Repayment Terms 90 days to 60 months
Top ProFast approval
Top Con Not a lender
Best For Those who want to compare several loan choices

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CashUSA at a Glance  

​CashUSA is a reputable source of personal loans for customers who require fast approval and would like to consider a range of options. While CashUSA is not a lender itself, it utilizes its vast network of reliable lenders, from which customers can submit a request for a personal loan and find a lender willing to work with them. Rather than underwriting the loan, CashUSA connects customers with a lender, enabling an impressively fast loan request process that can accomplish loan approval for between $500 and $10,000 within a single business day. This process is done with a few simple personal details in a secure online process that has earned CashUSA significant customer loyalty over the years. Whether consolidating debt, taking the family on a dream vacation or finding a solution for a personal emergency, CashUSA presents a solid choice for finding an easy and fast online loan.

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Best for Whom?

Those who are looking for a loan between $500 and $10,000 quickly and discreetly will enjoy the online request process that CashUSA uses to connect lenders with customers. Even customers with less than perfect credit can receive quick approval, and have the money they need in their bank account in as little as one business day. Customers who need a helping hand will enjoy the plentiful educational resources hosted on CashUSA’s website, which in many cases will answer customer questions before they even know they have them.

Loan Features

CashUSA does not provide loans, but instead serves as a helpful middleman introducing potential borrowers to the lenders that will approve them. Loans provided from CashUSA’s network range from $500 to $10,000, but in practice, the minimum that any individual will be offered is $1,000. Each lender has their own terms, which CashUSA will present to each customer in a well-organized manner at the end of the loan request process.

However, it is important to note that because CashUSA is not the loan provider, it has no prior knowledge of any individual’s terms and cannot influence terms for customers who do not find what they need. Terms listed are based entirely on the lender’s criteria and the customer’s financial situation.

The Loan Request Process

The process of requesting and receiving approval for a personal loan is a strong point in what CashUSA offers, giving customers a range of borrowing options with funds that are accessible as soon as the next business day. The requirements for requesting a loan from one of CashUSA’s lending partners are as follows:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • US citizenship
  • At least $1,000 of post-tax monthly earnings
  • A checking account
  • Valid email address and phone number

These low barriers to entry allow most adults to access the CashUSA online lender network, which begins on their homepage with a simple form. After supplying an email address and the type of loan required, individuals are brought to the beginning of the online process where they will confirm the amount of money they need to borrow before inputting additional details.

Supplying a credit score and reason for the loan is the first step, because the terms and loan amounts offered to any potential customer are dependent on creditworthiness. Whether for debt consolidation, an emergency, urgent auto repair, or even to treat the family to a Disney World vacation, CashUSA will in most cases present an agreeable set of options.

The second step in the process asks individuals for their official identification, such as a Social Security number, and employment information, like the name of the individual’s employer, salary, number of years employed and more. Then, with the option to input banking information, customers can easily have a loan deposited directly into their account.

The application and approval process takes minutes

Loan Terms – The Bare Basics

After filling out the request form, which takes all of 2 minutes, customers can review the terms of the loan they are offered, if a lender has approved them. The loans that are offered to each customer vary, but most will receive an offer near their requested loan amount and with slightly different terms depending on the lending partner.

On the CashUSA home page, they state that the lenders within their network provide financing rates ranging between 5.99% and 35.99% APR. In practice, the rates that are attached to any given loan offer are tied to the credit score and borrower criteria, including employment details and the individual's financial history.  

Additionally, customers who chose to leave their bank details in step 3 of the request process did so to enjoy instant deposits once their loan request is approved by a lender. This is one of the benefits of CashUSA’s model, which puts customers under no obligation to take the loan they are offered before receiving the benefit of near-instant bank deposits once a loan is accepted. It is also what gives customers with urgent financing demands the relief necessary to handle emergencies quickly.

If questions or concerns arise during any step along the way, CashUSA makes its customer support channels readily available. With prompt and knowledgeable phone and email support, customer inquiries are handled to satisfaction. 

Repayment Terms

The example that CashUSA gives for a loan term is for financing of $1,500 over 2 years with an APR of 7.90%. In this case, the customer with the loan will have monthly payments of $67.59 and total amount payable of $1622.08. While this is a pretty standard example, the interest rates that customers with CashUSA may encounter range from anywhere in the 5.99% area all the way to 35.99%. Term lengths vary broadly, with some as short as 90 days and others spanning 60 months. Borrowers can repay their loan in any number of convenient payment methods, including the option to automatically send funds to a lender directly from their bank account. 

How Safe is It? 

To protect all the information potential borrowers provide, CashUSA employs amongst the most sophisticated encryption standards. Sensitive personal and financial information is input only in the secure online request form, which uses HTTPS secure socket layer protection protocols to ensure data integrity. Millions of customers entrust CashUSA with their banking details and can be confident that this important information is safe and secure. 

Help & Support

The friendly demeanor of the representatives we interacted with and the high level of knowledge that CashUSA displayed was refreshing. Customers can connect with support via telephone number or email, which is a nice bonus considering that many lenders do not provide an avenue for contact that is not over the phone.  When calling into the phone line, which is toll-free and does not entail a long wait by any means, customers are greeted with a cheerful voice within minutes. This contact number is pasted all over the website, immediately visible for anyone with an urgent concern or question. Those who would rather get in touch by email can expect a thorough answer will arrive in their inbox by the next business day.

The customer support line is prompt and helpful

Deep Dive into Pros and Cons

Overall, we were very satisfied with the CashUSA solution even with a few areas where improvement could be beneficial:

  • CashUSA is not a lender, meaning they are unable to guarantee the terms presented by lenders
  • Details on lenders are relatively sparse, requiring additional research to understand their potential financing capabilities
  • Support has limited reach when dealing with the lender network and a live chat feature would be a welcome addition for quicker customer service

That said, the overwhelming majority of our CashUSA experience was positive. Here are the areas where CashUSA excels:

  • A wide range of repayment terms can help borrowers looking to satisfy short or more medium-term financing needs
  • Large lender network presents rates to accommodate a range of credit qualifications
  • Fast online approval process helps solve urgent borrowing needs
  • Vast educational resource library on subjects like debt, credit, banking and loans helps educate users
  • Friendly and informed customer service available to answer any pressing questions


Though not explicitly a lender, CashUSA quickly connects borrowers to their lender network. No matter the purpose for the loan or credit score, borrowers may be able to gain access to the financing they need quickly via a secure online process. In many cases, funds can be delivered within a single business day depending on partner approval.

Those who are receiving a loan for the first time will enjoy a truly impressive array of educational articles designed to identify individual needs, and at no time are customers obligated to accept a loan or pay any fees. The organized and transparent interface that CashUSA presents is highly representative of a reliable and trustworthy organization where many borrowers can find satisfaction.

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1391 W 5th Ave #103

Columbus, OH 43212

United States of America

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