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LendingKey is dedicated on connecting you to the best lender for you needs. Be it a loan for major life project, or a small one to help you manage your finances in a pinch, LendingKey matches you to the best fit lender depending on your credit needs and your personal history. Thanks to LendingKey’s wide network of lenders, you can always find the right financing for any situation.

Best for borrowers looking for a small to medium loan in a hurry.

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LendingKey Highlights

  • LendingKey’s simple application process makes it easy to find the right loan

Potential borrowers do not need to waste time waiting or wading through paperwork and bureaucracy. If the system matches you quickly, you can move on to your loan application quickly.

  • Get a loan the same day

Once you complete the initial application, you can have your loan approved and your money on the same day

  • Borrowers with any credit score are welcome

Even borrowers with low credit scores can receive some form of financing when connecting to lenders through LendingKey.

Pros Vs. Cons

Connects to a wide network of lendersNot available in all states
Quick and easy application processNot all borrowers can access the same quality of loans
Can find longer-term loans as well as short-term financing 
Your information is secure 
Connects to a wide network of lenders 

Loan Term Options 

LendingKey offers borrowers to connect to lenders that offer both long-term and short-term 

Loan Purpose and Amount Flexibility 

LendingKey offers to connect you to lenders that provide personal loans between $500 and $10,000, and for a variety of purposes including medical expenses, student loans, renewable energy investment for your home, remodeling, and baby expenses. 

Lending Qualification Process 

LendingKey connects borrowers to potential lenders based on needs and other personal details. Once connected, borrowers will be evaluated based on specific lenders’ lending qualification process to ensure they get the best possible financing.

Information and Support 

LendingKey offers a well-written and accessible FAQ section, and will respond to any e-mails within 24 to 48 hours. 

Ease of Quote Application Process

Lendingkey offers an easy step by step application process that collects all your important information in a few seconds, and matches you to the best possible lender for your needs. 


LendingKey is a great service that allows you to connect to the best possible lender for any financing needs you might have. A simple application process leads to finding the right lender for you, and you could have your loan approved on the same day. Quick, easy, and painless, LendingKey is a great tool if you are looking for personal loans.

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Last updated: May 28, 2016

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