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Pick a Lender at a Glance

Thanks to a network of lenders, Pick a Lender can give you many choices when it comes to selecting the  personal loan for your borrowing requirements. Despite not providing loans directly, Pick a Lender focuses on helping you find your Lender.  Even with some areas they could improve, Pick a Lender excels at providing you with great options for personal loans.

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Pick a Lender Highlights

  • A lightning-fast quote application
  • Access to a vast network of loan providers
  • Receive your lender funds next day after approval 


  • Simple application process
  • Inclusive lending qualifications
  • No restrictions on use of your loan
  • Secure process
  • Transparent service standards


  • Very little information in FAQ section
  • No details about lender’s repayment terms

Loan Term Options

Pick a Lender is a lending network and not a loan provider. As such, it cannot set repayment terms and conditions for your loan. Instead, Pick a Lender will connect you to a loan provider. You then will view a no obligation loan offer and decide if it’s right for you.  Keep in mind that terms can vary by lender depending on your credit score and income. Pick a Lender offers two types of loans: personal loans and installment loans. Generally, however, personal loans have shorter repayment terms than secured loans. 

Loan Purpose and Amounts

If you need flexibility when it comes to using your funds and how much you need, Pick a Lender’s network could help. While they will not directly provide you with a loan, the company’s network will quickly provide you with an option if you meet a lender’s qualifications.   You can request loans between $100 and $35,000, although the amount you receive will depend on both the lender and your borrowing qualifications.  One more benefit of Pick a Lender is that there is no restriction on how you spend your funds. Once the loan amount is deposited into your account (usually the next business day), you will have full discretion to spend it as you need.

Lending Qualification Process

The online process with Pick a Lender is easy. To apply, you just need to have some basic personal details handy including your income, desired loan amount, credit score, and your zip code. You cannot prequalify for a loan with Pick a Lender. While there is no prequalification, Pick a Lender recommends that you have the following when applying for a personal loan within their network:

Monthly income of $750+

Employment for at least a full month

Have a valid bank account in YOUR name

A current residence and office phone numbers

Remember that submitting your information to Pick a Lender will not directly qualify you for a loan. You will receive a loan offer immediately after submission on Pick a Lender if you are selected by a lender.  

Information and Support 

In our research, one of the biggest areas where Pick a Lender could improve was in the amount of information they provide. The company’s FAQ section includes some useful information about the loan process and qualifications, but it would be great to see a more well-rounded section that includes your loan options, repayment alternatives, and more general information about borrowing.

Quote Application Process

If you need a quick and online loan network, Pick a Lender provides a great service.  Applying for a personal loan with Pick a Lender takes minutes and the form routinely processes in under 2 minutes.  After submitting your data, a lender in their system will select you almost immediately if you are qualified. In order to apply, you need to present some basic information including your credit score, zip code, bank details, and income. In some cases, certain zip codes might result in you being asked for more information related to your employment details or your social security number. 


Even with some minor shortfalls, Pick a Lender makes the process of obtaining a loan for your borrowing needs incredibly simple. With an easy, quick, and online application, and a large network of loan providers, you can get the cash you need from the comfort of your home.  

Physical Address

6709 W. 119th Street #338,

Overland Park, Kansas 66209


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