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Loan TypeUnsecured personal loans
Loan AmountFrom $7,500 to $100,000
Repayment Terms180 months
Top ProNo prepayment penalties
Top ConOnly available in 5 states
Best ForCustomers looking to consolidate an older loan, or to fund an expensive purchase.

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Redo Lending at a Glance

Redo Lending is a relatively new contender in the personal loans industry, and is taking advantage of a technology-assisted system for obtaining fast and fair personal loans for a range of borrowers. The company understands that when it comes to life’s expenses, time is often of the essence, and has therefore provided a way to gain expedited access to cash. Redo Lending is owned by LoanMe, a trusted name in online lending, and a company known for its ability to loan with terms that benefit the average consumer. It is quickly establishing a place for itself among other young lenders, especially others who are taking similar steps to push the industry’s status quo for service.

Best for Whom?

  • Those who want fast loans and want to pay them off quickly

A big advantage of borrowing from Redo Lending is the absence of any prepayment penalty. Alongside an efficient lending system, one can pay back their loan just days after filling out an application.

  • Borrowers who want to consolidate their existing loans

Redo Lending will approve an applicant with multiple outstanding loans, and can deliver a cheaper solution that encompasses them all under a single rate. To do so, it employs an escrow system that contributes to outstanding debts, while the borrower must only focus on the new loan.

Loan Features​

Redo Lending is comprised of an array of features that complement each other well, and are focused on making the lending process as convenient as possible. After a fast application, potential borrowers can receive their unsecured loan within a single day with competitive terms and a flexible repayment schedule. The company offers a product that they know is most useful for situations where it is necessary to get cash fast, like the case of an emergency medical surgery or vital home repair. Therefore, while the APR may not be the lowest in the market, it is more than made up for by the speedy lending process and low borrower requirements.

Highlights for Redo Lending:

  • Effortless interface makes self-education easy
  • Quick online application process puts real terms on the table quickly
  • Obtain a direct loan to a bank account within one day
  • Incur no penalty fees for paying off the loan early
  • Unsecured loans up to $100,000 for homeowners and non-homeowners
  • Refinance existing loans under one umbrella
  • Monthly payments as low as $94.40
  • Friendly customer service representatives and loan advisors

The Application Process​

The dedication to removing all obstacles in the way of potential borrowers starts with the Redo Lending’s website, which handily points incoming applicants towards the online form. This can be filled out in a matter of minutes, and only collects essential personal details. After inputting introductory data, applicants will receive a call from a Redo Lending representative to continue the process. Following a short conversation with a trusted loan advisor, who works to comprehend the customer’s details and produce the most suitable plans, all that is left is to choose an option and sign. Customers find that they are approved very quickly, and can sign for and receive the loan a day later.

Loan Terms​ - Fast, Without Sacrificing Flexibility

Those individuals who have no time to wait for approval and do not want to put up collateral for their loan have an excellent alternative available thanks to Redo Lending. Homeowners can obtain as little as $7,500 or as much as $100,000, depending on their current credit score and credit history. Non-homeowners can take a minimum of $15,000, and up to $100,000. The fixed interest rate on these loans also depends on these factors: homeowner rates range from 12.90% to 19.90%, and for non-homeowners the range starts at 15.90% and ends at 22.90%. Additionally, each borrower will have to pay an origination fee of anywhere from 17.00% to 33.00%, which is calculated into APR.

Though the price may be higher than expected for a personal loan, one can borrow $100,000 in as little as a day without collateral - a valuable proposition. It is also possible to hold the amount of the loan in escrow, while Redo Lending consolidates a borrower’s existing debts under their own roof. One of the best parts about a loan from the company, however, is that those who wish to pay back their loan before it is due encounter no penalties.

Repayment Terms

It is unique that Redo Loans has only a single, 180-month term for every one of its loans, no matter the amount or borrower. This makes calculating one’s APR a simple matter, and a lengthy term means monthly payments are smaller. For instance, the company uses the example of a borrower who is loaned $7,500 at the lowest rate of 12.90%, and an origination fee of 17.00%. This means a total APR of 16.68%, that when carried over the entire 180-month term totals just under $17,000. However, customers can skirt all this extra interest by paying off their loan early, a feat that most lenders make impossible without paying a fee.

How Safe is It?

​The safety of Redo Lending’s online application is peerless, if only because the most sensitive information is given during a phone conversation with a company loan advisor. Additionally, the company uses the highest standard storage and sharing standards for its customer data, and if any borrower wishes to understand better how their details are used, they need only navigate to the website’s fine print. We were also encouraged by the website’s use of secure socket layer protocol, which speaks to Redo Lending’s seriousness about data integrity.

Help & Support

Customers that would like to get in touch with a Redo Lending representative can dial a toll-free number listed front and center on the company’s website. During our calls to the customer support service center, we never lingered on hold and were quickly connected to an employee who could answer any questions about Redo Lending confidently. Unfortunately, email correspondence and support are unavailable, something that we wished were present for those who just want a quick answer. The addition of social media links or even live chat options would help bolster the companies outreach efforts and support facilities.

Deep Dive into Pros and Cons

Fast online applicationSteep origination fee
No prepayment penaltiesAvailable only in 5 states
Get up to $100,000 the next business dayNo support aside from phone service
Friendly customer service representatives 


Despite an overall strong service, we found some areas where Redo Lending could improve:

  • Origination fees as high as 33.00% increase APR and add to the total cost of the loan
  • The repayment term is limited to 180-months
  • Only residents of Arizona, Kentucky, New Mexico, Idaho, and California are eligible to apply
  • Those who prefer to contact the company must reach a representative via the support number

Even with these minor drawbacks, Redo Lending brings a beneficial package of features:

  • The online application, low requirements and no collateral make it easy to get cash within a single business day
  • Borrowers can pay back the entire loan without any extra interest or extra prepayment fees
  • A maximum of $100,000 and minimum of $7,500 suits a wide range of financing needs
  • Individuals can consolidate their existing loans through Redo Lending and pay a single rate
  • Friendly customer service representatives know the business, and are competent at finding an alternative better than most borrowers can uncover


Redo Lending is an impressive up-and-coming lender with a focus on all the right areas. With speed and low requirements at the forefront, they have succeeded in becoming one of the most convenient services for a large array of potential borrowers. More so, the company is also in tune with what modern borrowers want more than anything else: a fee-free way to eliminate their debts as soon as possible. With no prepayment fees and a long, affordable term schedule, those with either a group of debts to consolidate or an emergency expense can both find a comfortable solution that gives some breathing room.

Physical Address

Redo Lending

1439 W Chapman Ave, #261

Orange, CA 92868

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