Thrive Finance Review

A Dependable Lending Network

When you need funds in a hurry, Thrive Finance can help cover any shortfall. This lending network features hundreds of reputable loan providers and thanks to a simple approval process, funds delivered to your hands in as little as one business day. Despite some shortcomings, the company provides a reliable if slightly limited service designed to help you find the right loan quickly. 

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Thrive Finance Highlights

  • Vast lending network 
  • Get your funds in less than a day 
  • Fast approval process to access loans


  • Simple application with no sensitive data 
  • Loans up to $35,000
  • Reliable lenders 
  • No restrictions on loan purposes


  • No education section 
  • Loan term details unavailable

Loan Term Options

It’s important to remember that Thrive Finance is not directly a lender, but rather a lending network. As such, it cannot offer information on loan terms or rates, as those are agreed upon with the loan provider you are matched with once you are qualified for a loan.

Loan Purpose and Amounts

One of the things we liked about Thrive Finance was the freedom they give you with every loan. The company and its lender network don’t place any restrictions on loan purposes, meaning that once your funds have arrived in your bank account, you can use them as you see fit. We would have liked to see a slightly larger range of loan amounts, but were pleased that Thrive Finance’s partners offer loans ranging from $1,000 to $35,000. 

Lending Qualification Process

While Thrive Finance is not directly a lender, it does have a quick lending qualification process to help better match you to the right loan provider from its network. The company’s qualification process only takes a few minutes, and requires the following: 

  • Proof that you are over 18 years old 
  • A valid bank account 
  • Proof of income

We would have liked to see a more holistic approach to lending, but were pleased to see that the company deals with borrowers of any level of credit score.

Information and Support

One of the areas we found Thrive Finance could improve is in providing potential borrowers with more information regarding the lending process and personal loans in general. Thrive also doesn’t include information about potential repayment terms, but does include some good general information regarding their loans and lending network. Furthermore, if you require assistance, you will be required to contact the lender directly, as Thrive Finance offers no support services.  Overall, we would have liked to see a little more in terms of the lending process and the loans themselves.

Quote Application Process

During our research, we were pleased with how easy it is to receive a quote from Thrive Finance. The company’s quote application is boiled down to one single page that asks for relevant personal and financial details, without asking for any sensitive information. Even better, the process takes less than five minutes from start to finish.


Even with some room for improvement, Thrive Finance provides an interesting alternative if you need a loan in a hurry, regardless of your credit score. The company’s reliable lender network, along with simple qualification and approval, make it a top choice for those looking for a no-hassle and trustworthy lending option. 

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