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Loan typesVarious personal loans
Loan amountUp to $100,000
Repayment Terms   12 to 60 Months
Top ProA curated, reliable lending network
Top ConAmOne is not directly a loan provider
Best forIndividuals who are looking for a wide variety of choice in their loan options

AmOne at a Glance

Founded in 1999, AmOne has evolved into one of the most inventive and forward-thinking loan companies in the US today. Originally founded as a personal loans solution, AmOne quickly gained a reputation as a steady and reliable hub for borrowers to access the funds they needed. Over the years, the company has incorporated the feedback from its vast client list, working tirelessly to provide the solutions people need while still retaining the flexibility to continue advancing. Following the financial crisis of the late 2000s, AmOne recognized the need for a more client-centric model for personal lending. Taking these cues, the company reorganized itself into its current form: a personal lending network that places emphasis on assistance to ensure that customers always receive the solutions that match their needs in an effort to help them reach their personal goals.

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Best for Whom?

One of the first things that stands out about AmOne is how flexible it is for finding the right lending solution. The company’s process for connecting borrowers and lenders, including the highly curated elements, makes it a great fit for several different types of consumers. However, the most ideal customers for AmOne’s services are those who are looking for a loan but have not found a pre-made solution that fits their needs and specific circumstances. In this case, AmOne’s process of loan curation and assistance can help even if you are undecided or unsure about what exactly you need based on your financial and credit status. It is also great for customers who are looking for more choices when it comes to identifying the right lender to work with.

Loan Features

When examining AmOne, it’s important to keep in mind that they don’t directly provide loans. Still, they do work with a vast network of highly reputable and reliable lenders that have been heavily vetted. The company offers a great range of credit offerings, from auto loans to personal loans that can be both secured and unsecured. Additionally, we were impressed at how, unlike other lending networks, AmOne shows a strong commitment to assistance in an effort to provide you with access to the best loan products. The company also offers great resources to really understand what the difference is between the different credit and loan solutions they have available to customers. We were also impressed that AmOne does not put any limits on the uses for your loan. While it is important to remember that the final agreement on your loan will be with the lender you are matched with, AmOne will also guide you through the process to ensure you find exactly what you need. They also offer a variety of calculators and educational resources to reinforce your understanding of personal finances.

  • Get matched almost instantly to the best possible loan provider
  • Strong commitment to customers’ information security
  • AmOne offers both secured and unsecured loans
  • US-based customer support
  • Available in all 50 states
  • Support agents will assist you through the process of finding the right loan
  • Wide variety of loan purposes including consolidation, auto loans, and even business loans
  • Work with all ranges of credit scores

The Application Process

When you’re ready to start the process of finding the right borrowing solution to match your circumstances, AmOne can help ensure that you always find the best option for your credit needs. The company first requires that you fill out a form with a few basic details about yourself and your financial conditions. Once you complete the form, AmOne will begin the process of matching you by using an algorithm that analyzes your personal details and circumstances before automatically determining the appropriate lender.

Throughout the whole process, the company assigns you a financial search specialist who provides an in-depth look at your possibilities while answering questions and even identifying more options if you are unhappy with what you find. Once you are matched with a lender you feel comfortable with, you can choose to continue dealing directly with them. Overall, we found this process of loan curation to be an excellent way to find the right loan solution to meet any needs.

Loan Terms – The Bare Basics

Although they are not a lender, AmOne places great care and emphasis on being a fair and reliable lending solution for customers with all kinds of credit. As such, their process is more involved than other lending networks available on the market. The company is dedicated to its customer-centric approach to lending, and this means that the company takes great care to ensure that you receive the best possible terms from the highest rated lender available. During our trials, we were impressed with the level of service provided by AmOne to help us find what we needed.

While the company does not list documentation or requirements to apply, they only service customers that live in the United States, and they do note that they require minimal documentation to get you started. We liked to see that the company is willing to work with customers at all credit levels, including those that have bad or no credit. While they might not receive the rates and terms reserved for prime borrowers, AmOne’s network has solutions that are suited to credit scores of all levels.

It's important to keep in mind when applying to find a loan through AmOne that because the company simply works to connect you to lenders, they do not set the requirements and prerequisites to apply for a loan. These characteristics are dealt with directly through the lender you are matched to and agree to work with.

We really liked to see that AmOne doesn’t just talk a big game about helping customers, but provides an excellent breakdown of all the lending services they work with, and how each can help or affect you. We were impressed with the sheer depth of the information presented and AmOne’s transparency regarding their role in the process.

One of our favorite things about AmOne’s lending network is their wide range of loan amounts available. The company offers loan amounts between $1,000 and $100,000, a range that we found was much broader than several of their competitors in the industry.

When you apply, the company will ask for some basic details to help you get started on your matching process. You will be required to provide basic contact information, as well as details regarding your employment status, any existing debt or credit commitments, as well as your credit score. While the company will not perform a hard pull on your credit report, they do use this information to find a lender that is appropriate for your needs and circumstances.

We would have liked to see a little more in the way of specific information regarding the application process, especially when it comes to the requirements needed to apply. Furthermore, details on documentation or other information you might need to get started and approved for a loan would be useful. However, we were happy to see that the company does stay true to its word, and doesn’t require a mountain of documentation to connect you to a lender. Overall, we found that the application process is very simple, and takes only a few minutes to get started. While matching you might take longer depending on your circumstances and your credit score, the process was quick, painless, and very efficient.

Repayment Terms

While many personal loans providers limit the different repayment terms you can choose from, we were happy to see that AmOne’s lending network features a diverse range of terms that can fit any repayment ability. Loan terms can range between 12 and 60 months, which gives you a great selection of repayment options to ensure you can always pay back what you borrowed. Additionally, their lenders offer interest rates that start as low as 6.78%, although it is important to remember that those rates are reserved for borrowers with excellent credit scores. When applying, it’s also key to recognize that although AmOne lists these values, you might receive slightly different figures from the loan provider you are matched with.

How Safe is It?

It’s normal to be concerned about the safety of your personal information on the internet these days. AmOne understands this, and ensures that your data is secured through a variety of ways while being very transparent about the information they collect. The company does not collect incredibly sensitive information such as any bank details or account information, and only asks you for your personal information when you are ready to be matched to a lender. Additionally, AmOne will not share your information with anyone unless you have agreed to be matched in which case they will need to provide your information to the lender you will be working with.

Help & Support

We were impressed with the level of service and customer support provided by AmOne. The company can be reached through a variety of ways, including a toll-free number that is available on business days during work hours, as well as Saturdays; via e-mail claim; and you can even get in touch with their agents via a live chat feature. We found that the company’s support agents were knowledgeable, very prepared to supply assistance, and were able to answer all of our questions. Moreover, we really liked their financial search specialists, who help navigate the search and matching process to ensure you can find the best possible loan.

Deep Dive into Pros and Cons

Although we were very pleased with AmOne’s offerings, there were a few shortcomings we hope they will improve:

  • It can be hard to identify exactly what documentation is required when applying for a loan.
  • The company could list the loan terms, interest rates, and other details about the loans their network offers, even broadly.
  • We would have liked to see a more robust FAQ section than the existing information available.

However, there was a lot to like, and AmOne does several things incredibly well:

  • Their matching process is more involved and efficient thanks to their financial search specialists who help you reach the best possible borrowing outcome.
  • The company’s lending network is made up of highly reputable and well-regarded loan providers.
  • Great information about the different types of credit and loan offerings customers can access is available on the website.
  • They include a handy set of tools including loan calculators and an outstanding blog.
  • They have a proven track record and excellent ratings, including an A+ grade from the Better Business Bureau.


Although they are not directly a lender, AmOne has become a major player in the personal loans arena thanks to their dedication to customer service and their wide and reliable network of loan providers. The company can help you find the right loan and avoid the cookie-cutter solutions that many institutional lenders such as banks and other financial institutions offer. A strong commitment to education and assistance with identifying what you need before you even start looking for a loan also helps set the company apart. With an easy application process, and the aid of financial search specialists who help to guide you through the process of identifying the best possible loan solution for your needs, getting the funds you need is a simple and effective process through AmOne. The company is ideal if you like to have more than one option available when making a decision about loans.

Physical Address

AmOne Corp.
12331 SW 3rd Street Suite 700
Fort Lauderdale, FL
United States, 33325

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