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Loan typesUnsecured personal loans
Loan amount$1,000 to $40,000
Repayment Terms24 to 84 months
Top ProOne application for several lenders
Top ConNot directly a loan provider so it cannot guarantee rates
Best forCustomers seeking to compare loan offers and
find a strong short-term financing solution.


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GuideToLenders at a Glance

Founded in 2005, GuideToLenders is dedicated to helping customers find the best possible financing solution. The company believes in providing education and information to consumers, empowering them to make the best possible decision for their needs. GuideToLenders does not originate loans, but has helped customers access over $16 billion in funds since its establishment, all free of charge. The company provides a simple application that connects customers to a broad network of well-respected lenders, while letting prospective borrowers uncover the best solution to match their individual requirements.

Best for Whom?

Due to its smaller loan amounts and short-term nature, GuideToLenders is an ideal service for interested borrowers looking to finance projects that require quick funds to be repaid later. The company does not limit the purpose of loans customers can apply for and are happy to connect users to the right lender for their needs. Additionally, because GuideToLenders offers a comparison tool, the service is an excellent option for those users who prefer to evaluate their options carefully before selecting a financing solution. GuideToLenders works with a community of established loan providers, and the simple application is a great way for customers who prefer to shop around to easily find all the options they need without having to visit every single lender individually.

Loan Features

One of the best attributes of GuideToLenders' solution is the versatility of the available financing options. The company does not place any restrictions on the purpose of financing. Moreover, its extensive network of lenders can offer loans for any specific needs customers may encounter. In addition, while the company is not directly a lender, its loan partners work with borrowers exhibiting a wide range of credit scores and qualifications. Customers who are working to improve their creditworthiness can find a loan even when other providers may turn them down. GuideToLenders does not charge fees for services, letting customers complete their loan applications without an obligation to accept any terms offered by their partners. The company also offers a strong suite of educational resources including articles and guides on personal loans, the basics of financing and budgets. Another major benefit of the company’s loan comparison model is that it encourages competition between lenders, and thus results in better terms and rates for consumers. With a sound range of loan terms and amounts available, GuideToLenders presents an intriguing alternative for those seeking financing for a number of reasons.

Highlights for GuideToLenders:

  • An extensive network of reliable loan providers
  • Good range of loan amounts and terms available
  • No charges for applying or finding a loan
  • Single application for preapproval and matching
  • Compare different offers in a single location
  • Strong educational resources for prospective borrowers
  • Borrowers with all credit backgrounds welcome to apply
  • Flexible loan purposes

The Application Process

Applying for a loan with GuideToLenders is a streamlined process. To get started, customers fill out a single form to receive preapproval. This initial step asks for basic information including contact details, financial history, and specifics relating to employment. Information requested in the application includes:

  • Employment status
  • Annual income
  • Date of birth
  • Contact information such as phone number and email
  • Zip code and basic geographic information

The company does set some straightforward requirements for qualification. These include:

  • US citizen or legal permanent resident
  • 18 years or older
  • A verifiable bank account
  • A steady source of income

Additionally, customers may be required to present more information and meet further qualifications by the loan provider they eventually choose to work with.

Once the application process is complete, customers will be matched with several potential lenders to effectively compare their options side-by-side. When they agree to terms with a provider, they will complete the application process directly with the selected lender. It is important to note that at this step GuideToLenders will no longer be involved in the approval process as it only works to connect lenders to prospective borrowers.

Loan Terms – Find the Right Fit

Unlike many direct lenders, one of the best things about GuideToLenders is that it gives customers choices. The company does not originate its own loans, but it does have a network of reliable lenders who specialize in a variety of fields, from medical loans to auto repair. Thanks to this strong network, borrowers can find a loan that is tailored to their needs while benefiting from competitive rates due to the number of available alternatives. When customers receive approval through GuideToLenders, they are immediately matched with several prospective lenders who will extend potential offers. Customers are not obligated to accept any terms if they do not meet their needs, and they can compare alternatives directly on GuideToLenders’ website.

Another significant benefit of this marketplace model is that customers can locate better terms and rates thanks to the competing offers. As lenders work hard to meet consumer demands and extend more financing, they offer lower rates and more favorable terms to win a bid. Additionally, the marketplace gives customers with lower credit scores the opportunity to access financing that might otherwise be difficult to obtain. While many traditional lenders will offer unrealistic interest rates and unfavorable terms to customers with weaker credit, GuideToLenders provides a helpful alternative. The number of lenders available on its network lets the company offer customers of all credit scores a viable solution for their financing needs.

Some of the higher loan amounts offered are only available to customers with excellent credit, but the company’s partners offer a wide enough range that any borrower can find a useful loan with little trouble. Overall, the company’s open marketplace empowers customers to uncover the financing they need and want, instead of settling for a loan that might do more harm than good in the end.

Repayment Terms

Customers can choose from a substantial range of available loan terms and amounts with GuideToLenders’ partners. The company’s network offers loan terms that start as low as 24 months alongside repayment durations stretching up to 84 months, a figure representing significantly more options than many other lenders. Additionally, borrowers can request as little as $1,000 and as much as $40,000. It is important to note that not all lenders in the company’s network offer the same terms, and that loan specifics are always determined by the borrower and the loan provider once customers have accepted a term sheet from their chosen financier. GuideToLenders does not offer information regarding interest rates on its website, but customers can generally find APRs from the company’s partners starting as low as 4.99%.

How Safe is It?

Borrowers applying for a loan through GuideToLenders can rest easy knowing their information is kept secure. The company is very transparent about what personal data they collect and what they use it for. This includes basic contact details, Social Security and driver’s license numbers. Furthermore, the company does not share information with any unauthorized third parties outside of its service partners. The company also collects some non-identifiable information to improve services, but all information transmitted to the online site is secured using industry-standard safety measures and encryption protocols.

Help & Support

Getting in touch with GuideToLenders is as simple as filling out an email ticket on the website. We would like to see some more channels available for communication such as telephone or live chat, but were satisfied with the existing service. Our queries were answered in as little as one business day, and responses were both professional and comprehensive.

Deep Dive into Pros and Cons

Prospective borrowers have a lot to gain by exploring GuideToLenders' offerings, even though there are some areas where the company can improve their service:

  • We would like to see more channels available for customer support apart from email correspondence
  • The company’s website can be challenging to navigate at times
  • More representative information regarding interest rates and terms from partners within the network would give visitors a better overall idea of what terms are available

Even with a few minor drawbacks, we discovered several standout aspects during our research that set GuideToLenders apart:

  • The company offers an outstanding range of loan terms and amounts that can cover nearly any reason for financing
  • The extensive lenders’ network offers financing for customers with a wide range of creditworthiness
  • Customer support proved to be highly professional and capable even with difficult inquiries
  • The company’s educational resources provide a helpful starting point for borrowers that need more information about the lending process and personal finances


Customers from all walks of life who are exploring financing alternatives can benefit greatly by taking advantage of GuideToLenders marketplace model. The company offers an excellent variety of loan options through its network of lenders with great terms and amounts. Customers can find the right loan for their needs after comparing available options instead of having to fit into existing services that may be suboptimal for their circumstances. Thanks to a marketplace that encourages competition and gives customers the upper hand in closing loan terms, GuideToLenders offers an outstanding service free of charge with transparent and reliable results.

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